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Pregnant Woman in Nature

Understanding the Pregnancy Microbiome in Hawai'i

We study the impact of Hawaii's unique environment on the microbes living amongst us and their effect on pregnancy.

Corrie Miller, DO, MS

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Assistant Professor

Maternal Fetal Medicine

John. A Burns School of Medicine,

University of Hawai'i at Manoa

My desire to help populations with health disparities lead me to pursue a career in Maternal Fetal Medicine or high-risk, complicated pregnancies.


I study social determinants and systems-based causes for adverse pregnancy outcomes for patients on the margins of healthcare access.


My current work characterizes the gastrointestinal and vaginal microbiome in pregnant women in Hawai’i and correlates the impacts of diet quality on these ecological communities.


As a healthcare provider of Filipino heritage, I have a desire to translate these investigations into further research of mechanisms, identifying modifiable risk factors and molecular targets to decrease adverse pregnancy outcomes for underserved pregnant people in Hawai'i.

What we study


The effect of stress, structural racism, and social determinants of health on the microbiome


The intersection and interplay of the environment, microbiome, and pregnancy complications.

Hawai'i Microbiome Partners 
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